Following on with the theme, there will also be a Garden Room inspired by the enchanted forest, and an Outdoor Room which will ‘evoke the romance of Beast’s garden terrace’.

There’s currently no west wing though, because we wouldn’t want to damage the rose, would we?

While the bar and lounge sounds amazing, we are a little gutted to know it won’t be coming until later this year.

But don’t worry, because Disney World does have another Beauty and the Beast themed room – this time a restaurant.

Be Our Guest is located inside the Beast’s castle, and gives you the chance to sit down and have some lunch.

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For the second top post from Disney Bridges we find ourselves in an enchanting ballroom. 1) This particular photo was taken on our Nov 2016 trip. It wasn’t our first time to Be Our Guest but it was the best experience by far. Our first was just a quick service lunch. This one we got to meat the Beast and have a full Deluxe Dining Plan meal. 2) We sat in the ballroom here, right in the middle. I can actually see the back of Christina’s head in this one. 3) She encouraged me to go take some pictures so I went into the front corner to grab this shot and a few others. 4) This is just a majestic room and it’s pretty dark to photograph. I wasn’t going to pull out my tripod during dinner so I pasted myself to the furthest column pushing the camera into it for steadiness. 5) Sadly, and stupidly, we didn’t go into the other rooms as we didn’t want to bother. We didn’t realize that the CMs actually encourage you to look around. It just didn’t feel right during the sit down meal. .. … … #beourguestrestaurant #beourguest #beautyandthebeast #taleasoldastime #taleasoldastime? #disneydining #fantasyland #magickingdompark #magickingdom #disneysmagickingdom #disneymagickingdom #disneygram #disneygramer #disneygramers #disneyig #disneyigers #igers_wdw #wdwbde #wdwbestdayever #wdw_ig #wdw_igers #happiestplaceonearth #disneyaddicts #disneyworld #disneyworldresort #waltdisneyworld #waltdisneyworldresort #dizcolors #disneyphotography #disneyaddict

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always up for a stop at gaston’s tavern!?

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But if you’re more a Gaston fan (let’s face it, there won’t be many of you), you could head to Gaston’s Tavern for a quick snack.

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