Eight people were injured Thursday afternoon when a taxi cab barreled into a restaurant in New York’s City’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, according to authorities.

Patrons at Westville restaurant, between 53rd Street and 9th Avenue, “started running” and “heard a huge crash” when an “out-of-control taxi” went over the curb and slammed into the eatery around 12:40 p.m., according to WPIX reporter Andrew Ramos and the New York City Fire Department.

“There are currently 8 non-life-threatening injuries to civilians reported on scene of a vehicle into a restaurant…” fire officials tweeted Thursday. “Five have been transported to local hospitals, three have refused medical aid.”

A spokesperson for the New York City Police Department confirmed to PEOPLE that there were no fatalities. Fire officials said that all the victims’ injuries were “considered minor in nature.”

Although the circumstances surrounding the crash are unclear, New York Times reporter Nancy Coleman tweeted that the taxi had been rear-ended, potentially forcing it into the restaurant.

Fire trucks and medical personnel quickly arrived to the scene. Video footage showed one person being rolled away from the area in a wheelchair, according to WPIX. Other footage showed fire officials amid a backdrop of glass and debris scattered on the sidewalk.

The taxi was visibly damaged, with its hood popped open and bumper scratched and dented.

Authorities said an investigation is underway.

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