He stared into the abyss — and then climbed right into it.

A 70-year-old Russian climber with a bushy white beard proved you’re never too old to be a “rock star” after impressively descending a treacherous crevasse without any safety equipment. Video of the daredevil’s age-defying feat has since gone viral online.

Worried onlookers can be heard nervously observing his stunt in a Viral Hog video — then cheering when he emerges in tact.

In the nail-biting 36-second clip from September 19, Diduh Andrey Andronovich is seen quickly clambering face-first down a steep crevice in Stolby Nature Reserve, near Krasnoyarsk.

The Spiderman-esque descent is especially impressive as he’s wearing no protective gear or ropes, and instead sports ripped jeans and a green hoodie.

The clip concludes with the senior solo artist reaching the bottom of the abyss unscathed to the cheers of bystanders. He then celebrates by doing the splits between the stone walls like a geriatric gymnast.

This isn’t Andrey’s first rock climbing rodeo. An avid alpinist since age 15, he regularly performs free climbing stunts at Stolby Nature preserve with a 2018 video showing him scaling the aforementioned crevasse in a similar fashion.

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