Let’s face it: As much as you try to get your Christmas shopping done early ever year, procrastination takes over. As a lifetime procrastinator myself, I understand that it happens to the best of us. Honestly, I blame it on the fact that the holidays sneak up so quickly. From ugly Christmas sweater parties, to Secret Santa gift exchanges, to cookie swaps, to testing out every single Starbucks holiday drink, there are many festive activities to do, and so little time. That’s why these last-minute gift ideas on Etsy are here to help you out.

Etsy is the real MVP. The website is a one-stop shop for gifts that everyone on your list will love, and now, they’re offering suggestions for procrastinators to make the holidays so much easier. For example, did you know that you can filter your search to find items that are "ready to ship," and will ship within one to three business days? This fancy filter will help you find the right gifts that are ready now, and will arrive before Santa even gets in his sleigh.

Additionally, Etsy suggests opting for a printable for those who are in a serious time crunch. This can be a fun piece of artwork for your bestie’s dorm room, or wine labels to give your friend (who’s 21 or over) a custom bottle she’ll cherish. Not to mention, you can always go the easiest route and purchase an Etsy gift card, so your loved one can pick out whatever their heart desires.

Now that your procrastination problems have been solved, here are six suggestions for fun gifts if you still need a little more help.

1Walk In A Wine-derful Wonderland With This Custom Label

Instant Download Wine Label



A bottle of wine is a go-to gift that you can easily grab on the way to any holiday party. To make it more personal, opt for a custom wine label that you can purchase and instantly download from Etsy. With this sweet label, your bottle will go from last-minute to super thoughtful.

2Ring In The Holidays With This Opal Ready-To-Ship Ring

Raw Opal Ring for Women



Soon it will be Christmas day, and you’re super excited, because you got all of your gifts last-minute on Etsy. With the "Ready to Ship" filter, you can still find great gifts you would have gotten your friends, regardless, like this beautiful opal ring. The colors are absolutely stunning, and will look amazing with just about any holiday sweater or New Year’s dress your bestie wears.

3These 3D Christmas Ornaments Are The Cutest

3D Christmas Ornaments



Printable gifts on Etsy aren’t just reserved for artwork your friend can hang on her wall. If you want to give her something super unique, consider these adorable 3D Christmas ornaments. Your purchase comes with six pages of printable ornaments that are ready to assemble with easy-to-follow instructions. If you want to present these ornaments to your bestie ready to hang on her tree, you’ll also need string and needles.

4Your Loved One Can Enjoy All The Holiday Spirits With These Glasses

20k GOLD Mixology Cocktail Glass



If your loved one is really into mixology, gift them a glass just for that. These ready-to-ship gold cocktail glasses are perfect for the holiday spirits your loved one will be serving up all season long. You can gift them a glass that says "whiskey," "bourbon," "scotch," or "rye" in 20k gold, or gift them the entire set of four for $60.

5Wish Them A Meowy Christmas With A Custom Pet Portrait

Custom Pet Portrait — Printable Wall Art



If your bestie loves their pet more than anything else in the world, consider gifting them a custom portrait of their fur baby. Gifts like these are the reason why I love Etsy so much. If you dream it, you can get it. All you need to do is send the artist a few pictures of your friend’s pet, and they’ll have a drawing for you to digitally download in (typically) less than a week. It’s as easy as that!

6Have Yourself A Beary Merry Christmas With This Bottle Stopper

Bear Bottle Stopper



You may have gifted your friend a bottle of her favorite blend as a last-minute gift in the past. But this year, you can give her something that’s super cute and will help them handle all of the last-minute bottles she’ll receive. Not only is this brass bear bottle stopper ready-to-ship, but will ensure your friend has a beary Merry Christmas.

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