Who says Valentine’s Day gifts are strictly for the person you’re romantically involved with?

Ever since the eccentric, affable, slightly neurotic Leslie Knope introduced the Parks and Recreation fandom and beyond to a concept we only wished we’d known about sooner, Galentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day became a little less focused on spending a romantic evening with your mate and more about showing the women in your life just how much you love them too.

And why wouldn’t you want to show your BFFs some love on Feb. 14? They’re your rock and your ride-or-die. They’re your brunch buddies, your “let’s order pizza and binge trash reality TV for four hours straight” couch chums — and without these people, life just wouldn’t be the same. Yeah, yeah, it’s cheesy and it’s a cliché, but you know we’re right.

So this year, spring for a Valentine’s Day gift that truly has some meaning, from a travel journal for documenting all your adventures together to a matching necklace set for the long-distance besties who may not see each other every day.

Lisa Vanderpump Valentine’s Day Card

Religiously watch the Real Housewives franchise together? Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules star Lisa Vanderpump and her swans will add a touch of class to your BFF’s Valentine’s Day.

Lisa Vanderpump Valentine Day card, $6.50 at HollabackCards/Etsy

Luxurious Pillows

Your BFF supports you through thick and thin, so give them something that supports them back. This pillow is totally customizable, so if it’s a bit too lofty, just remove some of the filling inside. 

The 2920 pillow, $100 at 2920 Sleep

Personalized Matching State Necklaces

Long-distance friends can personalize these necklaces with their initials and the state in which they live.

Personalized necklaces, $18.57 at TwinkleAmi/Etsy

Personalized Mugs

What’s cuter and more sentimental than a pair of mugs that look like you and your BFF?

Personalized mugs, $12.99 at LetItBeYoursCo/Etsy

‘Everyday Magic’

If your BFF is all about channeling her inner power, Everyday Magic will help her embrace spirituality and bring positive change to her life.

Everyday Magic, $14.99 at Urban Outfitters

Travel Journal

Travel buddies can get matching leather travel journals and document all their adventures — big or small — together.

Travel journal, $29.99 at SchaferArtStudio/Etsy

Passport Cover

Or get your BFF a passport cover.

Passport cover, $14.13 at VerbenaMorena/Etsy

Mini Instax Acrylic Block Frame

Slide in selfies or photos from a memorable trip the two of you took together.

Mini Instax acrylic block frame (set of two), $10 at Urban Outfitters

‘Vagina Mafia’ Tee

Don’t hide your obsession with Vanderpump Rules. Proudly display it across your chest with this “Vagina Mafia” tee from Kristen Doute’s T-shirt line, James Mae.

“Vagina Mafia” tee, $36 at James Mae


Sure, they may be a splurge, but just imagine the look on your BFF’s face when they open up a pair of statement glasses that will last for years to come. These are classic, timeless and always in fashion — just like your BFF. 

Lincoln sunglasses, $429 at State Optical

Pizza Necklaces

Embracing your mutual love of pizza with matching pizza necklaces.

Pizza necklaces, $31 at Toodaughters/Etsy

Astrological Candles

Bonus points if you both have matching zodiac signs.

Astrological candles, $28 at UncommonGoods

Bedside Smartphone Vase

This bedside vase is part smartphone stand and part vase, and it’ll look great on both your nightstands.

Bedside smartphone vase, $32 at UncommonGoods

Pet Pillow

Because it’s about damn time your BFF had a pillow portrait of his or her pooch.

Pet pillow, $24.75 at jaybooo/Etsy

‘Boom’ Mug

Your BFF will feel the love with every sip.

‘Boom’ mug, $16.99 at The Love Bomb Co.

‘Treat Yo’Self’ Box

Have a stressed BFF? Give her a “treat yo’self” box full of all the pampering essentials.

‘Treat Yo’ Self’ box, $40.50 at PeaceOrganics/Etsy

Outdoor Champagne Glasses

Go on a picnic brunch date, and pour your bubbly into these heavy-duty glasses.

Outdoor Champagne glasses (set of two), $22 at UncommonGoods

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