If falling in love is Heaven, falling out of love has to be hell. Of course, it’s not hell truly hell for the person who’s falling out of love in the relationship. No, the true torture is for the person who’s trying to decide whether or not the person who once loved them so still has those same feelings. In a recent Reddit AskWomen thread, ladies share their personal experiences of living through this hell by recounting the signs of falling out of love they saw in their own partners.

Read along and grab a tissue, this is going to be a sad one.

He stopped talking about the future.


He was visibly annoyed by her presence.


Bedtime snuggles became a thing of the past.


He became apathetic.


She would snap at small things.


"I love you" suddenly became a source of tension.


He became less physically affectionate.


He was no longer turned on by her.


She stopped looking at her with love in her eyes.


Her calls went ignored.


He started picking dumb fights.


Things they used to enjoy together suddenly became annoying.


Now, these stories are all pretty daunting but we have to remember that relationships are unique. At the end of the day, your partner may do all of these things and still be totally in love with you. On the flip side, your partner may do none of these things and be falling out of love with you.

The only real barometer for whether or not they’ve fallen out of love is your own gut. Listen closely and trust what it tells you.

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