11 Real-Life Towns That Are Pretty Much Stars Hollow Come to Life

There are a ton of reasons we’ve been obsessed with Gilmore Girls for almost 20 years now: its quirky characters, surprisingly great life lessons, and rapid-fire dialogue. But perhaps the best part of the entire show is Stars Hollow, the fictional Connecticut small town where the Gilmores (and a wide array of colorful townspeople) live. Stars Hollow is basically its own character; its quirks (Taylor), history (the gazebo), and longstanding businesses (Luke’s) form the backbone of what makes Gilmore Girls so unique.

According to Gilmore lore, Stars Hollow was founded by early colonial settlers and even played a (roundabout) part in a battle in the Revolutionary War. It’s as proud of its small-town charm as it is its centuries of history. And although some of the antics seem too silly to be real, there are actually plenty of small towns across America that are as historical, charming, and occasionally over-the-top as Stars Hollow. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in a real Gilmore experience, add these real-life small towns to your bucket list.

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