Trick or Tr—ader Joe’s?

The popular grocery store is already getting the Halloween spirit with their new line of yoga-inspired skeleton succulents. The slightly spooky decor is a Trader Joe’s exclusive, says Kenya Friend-Daniel, a spokesperson for the chain. The Skeleton Yogis come in two different bone-chilling yoga poses and are made of realistic polyresin.

Sitting atop the yogis head is a small green plant, one that is especially easy to care for. The greenery is called Tillandsia ionantha, Friend-Daniel shared, and only requires a minimal amount of care, making it the perfect decoration for all ages.

The plant only needs to be misted lightly every week or submerged in water for one hour every two weeks. Trader Joe’s also recommends you keep your yogi away from air conditioners or heating vents, in medium to bright, indirect sunlight, or somewhere it will receive at least 8 hours of artificial light.

Not only will keeping your Skeleton Yogi in the perfect place be good for the plant, but it will ensure the adorable decor is out for all to clearly see.

The product retails for $5.99, and makes a boo-tiful gift for the holiday season.

Unfortunately the item is only seasonal while supplies last, so get your yogi while you can!

If you’re looking for additional Halloween-inspired succulents, Target has unveiled an affordable new line of planters shaped like skulls, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts and beyond. The collection is part of the superstore’s Hyde & EEK! Boutique, which features a variety of items inspired by the haunting holiday.

Michaels is getting a head start on the holiday with a similar item to the TJ Skeleton Yogi, minus the planter.

A hilarious collection from Ashland home decor, the line of figurines depict creepy, boney skeletons twisted up in a variety of yoga poses — from tree pose to king pigeon pose and beyond. You’ll even find one cross-legged and meditating.

Looking for even more ways to spook up your home this fall? We’ve got a list of other easy ways to decorate your house for Halloween on the cheap, with tips courtesy of designer and HGTV alum Emily Henderson.

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