One man going through airport security recently walked away with a little more than he came in with.

Italian authorities released CCTV footage on Friday from the Fiumicino Airport in Rome, showing a thief snatching over $9,000 in cash from another passenger’s bin.

In the clip — tweeted by Polizia di Stato, one of Italy’s national police forces — the culprit can be seen stealing two envelopes of cash away from a conveyor belt bin after going through the X-Ray machine.

Following behind him was the man who originally placed the money in the tub, confused as to where his money disappeared to. As he speaks with security and frantically searches for his belongings, the thief casually slips away in the mix.

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In their tweet, the Polizia di Stato explained in Italian that the criminal was arrested and the money — which the owner was reportedly using for medical treatment of a relative — was returned to the owner.

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Authorities nabbed the suspected thief as he tried to board his plane. The Polizia di Stato said he had hidden the envelopes stuffed with cash in the bathroom, and had planned to retrieve them upon his return to the airport from his trip.

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