If you’ve always been a fan of Brooklinen’s design aesthetic, you can now replicate it in your own home.

Imagine scrolling through your favorite home decor Instagram accounts or interior design Pinterest boards and actually being able to buy everything you want on one site. Thanks to New York-based bedding brand Brooklinen, now you can. The company just announced a new way to shop everything you’ve ever drooled over in the photos on the brand’s Instagram feed with its home decor marketplace that’s categorized by design aesthetic.

After its launch in 2014, Brooklinen quickly became a cult-favorite brand among bedding fanatics because of its silky soft, Internet-famous sateen sheets, which have since garnered more than 44,000 five-star reviews. If you’ve been a fan since its genius inception of the buttery-smooth sateen sheets, you’ve probably also been googly-eyed over the brand’s overall design aesthetic.

Brooklinen has developed a reputation for curating dreamy rooms to advertise its bedding (often with adorable dogs involved), which had fans commenting on Instagram and emailing the customer service team to ask where they could buy similar decor, furniture, and artwork. For founders Rich and Vicki Fulop, this is how their vision for Spaces By Brooklinen began. The new section of Brooklinen.com is a curated marketplace of super chic home goods—some items were actually used in company photo shoots that were sourced by creative director Jess Gary (those same products that fans had been dying to get their hands on).

Staying true to the Brooklinen philosophy of offering high-quality yet minimalistic products, the team researched and vetted each independent artisan and designer, including brands that are both familiar and new, such as Floyd, The Sill, Taschen, Inside Weather, and more. The section makes it simple to find the perfect additions to your home that match your personal style: More than 100 new products from 12 partner brands are divided into three specific “room” aesthetics: Earthy Minimalist, Modern Glam, and Relaxed Industrial.

While you may love exposed brick and metal accents found in Brooklyn lofts (Relaxed Industrial), Scandiavian-inspired designs made with organic materials (Earthy Minimalist), or luxe textures with vibrant hues and marble accents (Modern Glam), Spaces by Brooklinen aims to provide a way to make interior design easy. CCO and co-founder Vicki Fulop says putting together a room is like putting together an outfit—it’s always ever-evolving and exciting but can also be overwhelming, which is exactly why Spaces by Brooklinen is an easy shopping solution for putting together a full bedroom.

“Our customers are coming to us for styling inspiration and products beyond bedding and bath needs,” Fulop says. “We’ve sifted through all of our design moods to edit, edit, edit until we could bring three of our favorite aesthetics to life.” Everything you need to design your dream bedroom—from floor to ceiling—can be found at Spaces by Brooklinen, including framed artwork, potted plants, accent furniture, coffee table books, beds and headboards, and more.

While Brooklinen has already solidified its reputation as a go-to place to shop for high-quality yet affordable textiles—from cashmere to linen sheets—you can now also consider it your one-stop shop for everything you need to create your ultimate bedroom oasis. Below, we’ve rounded up our top picks, categorized by design aesthetic, to help you finally bring your home decor Pinterest boards to life.

Spaces By Brooklinen Earthy Minimalist

Inside Weather Elle Side Table

Buy It! $123; brooklinen.com.

The Sill Pothos Jade in Medium Grant Planter

Buy It! $50; brooklinen.com.

Floyd Platform Bed with Headboard

Buy It! $895; brooklinen.com.

Spaces By Brooklinen Modern Glam

Inside Weather Issa Armchair

Buy It! $523; brooklinen.com.

Color Cord Company Widget Trio Pendant

Buy It! $440; brooklinen.com.

Bombabird Gloss Vase

Buy It! $88; brooklinen.com.

Spaces By Brooklinen Relaxed Industrial

Inside Weather Kobe Arm Chair

Buy It! $213; brooklinen.com.

Newgate Charlie Bell Echo Clock

Buy It! $29; brooklinen.com.

Dims Rove Side Table

Buy It! $145; brooklinen.com.

Taschen Case Study Houses

Buy It! $15; brooklinen.com.

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