In case you hadn’t noticed, now is a really, really good time to buy a new mattress. In recent years, the historically-murky mattress industry has been disrupted by a host of startups that are taking the hassle — and the exorbitant price tag — out of the equation so you can sleep soundly at night. There are a slew of new companies that offer online ordering, 100-night (or more) trial periods, and generally high quality at direct-to-consumer prices. And a lot of the big guys (Amazon, Walmart, etc.) are getting in on the game too, offering their own proprietary mattresses at rock-bottom rates. The options can be overwhelming, so we’re here to bring you a handy cheat sheet of the best disruptive mattresses to know (and shop!) right now.


This Walmart-backed direct-to-consumer mattress launched this year, and boasts a medium-firm feel combining memory foam and coil technology for the perfect snooze. There’s also a softer option for those who prefer a more cloud-like feel.

Buy It! Allswell Luxe Classic Mattress, $585/Queen;


Amazon’s bid to get into the direct-to-consumer mattress game launched just this month. And the price sure is right for this memory foam mattress!

Buy It! AmazonBasics Memory Foam Mattress, 12-inch, $259.99/Queen;

Aviya Mattress

A foam-coil hybrid, this one comes in three firmness options (Plush, Luxury Firm, and Firm) and has a 100-night guarantee. It’s handmade in Ohio from locally sourced materials and eco-friendly foams.

Buy It! Aviya Mattress, $999/Queen;

Bear Mattress

This one is marketed towards people with back and muscle pain, promising premium comfort and spinal alignment for sleepers of all persuasions. The Bear includes a proprietary technology called Celliant to promote more restful sleep and greater muscle recovery overnight.

Buy It! Bear Mattress, $840/Queen;

Boll & Branch

Transparency-focused bedding brand Boll & Branch is making a foray into mattresses with this newly-launched luxury entry. It’s made of five core layers topped with breathable organic cotton, and features include hand-pulled tufting and two different types of coils designed to “promote air flow and give extra support for spinal alignment.” They offer white-glove delivery and will remove your old mattress for free. Breathability, stillness, and support are all company watchwords.

Buy It! Boll & Branch Mattress, $2,500/Queen;


Meet the disrupter that launched 1000 disruptors. The Casper is its most popular model, known for its cleverly named “just right” firmness level that toes the line between softness and support. Part of the secret is in the trademarked “Zoned Support” system that offers squishier foam under the shoulders and firmer foam under the hips and core to promote proper alignment.

Buy It! Casper Sleep Mattress, $995/Queen;


“Sleeping on a GhostBed is like floating on air, cool and comfortable, free of pressure and the aches and pains that keep you up at night,” declare the brand’s marketing materials, and more than 200 Amazon reviewers agree. A medium-firm feel packed with “supernatural comfort” thanks to three layers of different foams.

Buy It! GhostBed Mattress, $795/Queen;

Helix Sleep

The especially cool thing about this foam-and-coil mattress is that you can customize it online, so that your side of the bed is softer than your partner’s or vice versa.

Buy It! Helix Midnight Mattress, from $995/Queen;

Layla Sleep

The only copper-infused memory foam mattress that’s meant to be flipped, the Layla offers the best of both worlds in one mattress. One side is firm, the other, soft — a perfect solution for fickle sleepers. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Buy It! Layla Sleep Mattress, $799/Queen (orig. $899);


A medium-firm foam mattress, the Leesa is lightweight and an ideal pick for side sleepers. The patented Avena top layer keeps you from overheating while also providing just that much extra bounce.

Buy It! Leesa Mattress, 10 Inch Cooling Avena and Contouring Memory Foam Mattress, $845/Queen;


This heat-regulating foam number is guaranteed forever and offers a 180-night home trial when ordered on Amazon. And who doesn’t want to order things on Amazon?

Buy It! Nectar Mattress, $699.99/Queen (orig. $850);

Nest Bedding

This foam-coil hybrid mattress, from family-owned bedding company Nest, comes with a lifetime warranty and a 100-night trial period. One of the original disruptors (the company was founded in 2011), Nest also offers an organic latex option for $1,999 (for a queen).

Buy It! Nest Bedding Hybrid Mattress, from $1,049/Queen;


Also promising a 100-day trial period, Purple has cornered the market on motion absorption, e.g. you won’t be bothered when your restless partner tosses and turns in the middle of the night. It features a “pressure-erasing Smart Comfort Grid” that hits the right note between soft and firm, preventing dreaded overheating and overnight aches and pains.

Buy It! Purple Mattress, $999/Queen;


Signature coil-on-coil technology makes sure any moves you make aren’t felt by your fellow sleeper. The finishing touch is an “advanced euro pillow top,” which the brand says rivals that of mattresses twice the price.

Buy It! Saatva Luxury Mattress, $1,099/Queen;

Sleep Innovations

A budget-friendly take on memory foam (just $245.63 for a queen!) it has over 1,000 rave reviews on Amazon and hits just the right softness level.

Buy It! Sleep Innovations Mattress, $245.63/Queen;

Tuft & Needle

Touting itself as “The Internet’s Most Loved Mattress,” this Tuft & Needle order-online model features cooling technology coupled with its own proprietary take on memory foam to hit just the right softness level. As in, it’s nice and soft, but you won’t sink into it in an unpleasant way. You get 100 nights to test it out; if you’re unhappy with your slumber, they’ll do a refund.

Buy It! Tuft & Needle Mattress Bed in a Box, $595/Queen;

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