The previous owner of this four-room Housing Board flat in Bedok removed all of its non-structural walls and upgraded its bathroom fittings and windows before selling it.

When Mr Keith Low, owner of interior design firm Woodworks, and his wife Lin Na, a director at a brand agency, found the property two years ago, they saw it as the perfect blank canvas.

The couple, who are in their 30s, even kept the mint-condition window blinds and oven.

Here is how they transformed the 1,000 sq ft unit into a vibrant home, where they live with their dog, for $45,000. The renovation took about three months and they moved in about two years ago.

How did you incorporate your style into this resale unit? We liked the openness of the space but needed more privacy for the bedroom, so I designed a double-sided bookshelf with a sliding glass door that separates it from the living room. It is a great solution for our books too.

There were also parts of the flat without proper flooring.

For instance, we removed the vinyl planks in the foyer, patched up the empty spots and laid on Moroccan-inspired patterned tiles.

We also built a wall for privacy and added a cabinet for our craft materials on the other side. Tell us more about your love of arts and craft. Lin Na and I met at a Red Dot Museum flea market, where we sold handmade items.

We are both into decoupage, so we like to buy and hoard “rubbish” – like brochures and wrapping paper – for it.

A lot of the collage-like art you see around the flat was made by us. It is why it is a mess and why we needed a large dining table. We cleaned it up for you.

How would you describe your style? We don’t have one, but our home does revolve a lot around Lin Na’s love of colours and patterns, and mine for textures and plants.

I wanted a jungalow-style home, but she did not approve.

We also really feel a connection with Mexican painter Frida Kahlo and the vibrancy and bohemian nature of her art.

While Nordic bohemian style veers towards cool hues, we like warmer and spicier shades like those in Kahlo’s work. We have a picture of her – she is like our little goddess.

What style of furniture and cabinetry did you go for? Nothing overly polished. We prefer a mismatched look.

There is a balance of both clean and raw-style furniture such as the weathered 1920s European dining and study tables, and an upholstered fabric sofa.

Despite the mess, a strong palette anchors this combination.

We also spray-painted our shaker-style kitchen and craft cabinetry. This way, we can change the colours any time.

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