Jasmine (Sam Frost) has been left reeling since Robbo (Jake Ryan) made a sudden return to the Bay after several weeks away with no contact. While he’s keen to repair things in their relationship, she’s not so sure, as she was a mess when he left and had just started to move on with her life when he came back.

When Robbo goes out for a run, he sees Tori (Penny NcNamee), who’s doing yoga on the beach. She asks how it’s going with Jasmine, and Robbo says he’s giving her space. Later, Tori tells Leah (Ada Nicodemou) she thinks Robbo is making a mistake, but Leah advises her to stay out of their relationship in case she makes things worse.

Jasmine runs into Colby (Tim Franklin) at the Bait Shop and tries to get some information out of him about how Robbo is doing. But, seeing Robbo approaching, Colby suggests she ask him herself. Jasmine finds herself overcome by an unexpected nervousness, and suddenly leaves.

After speaking with Willow (Sarah Roberts), Jasmine decides it’s time to meet Robbo and try to resolve their issues, and he suggests they do it over lunch. But when they get to Salt, she’s lost for words and her anxiety starts to build.

Tori comes across a distraught Jasmine, who says she tried to talk to Robbo but just couldn’t. Although she says she just needs to go home and sleep, Tori suspects there’s something more to her behaviour and relays her encounter with Jasmine to Robbo.

Robbo heads over to Jasmine’s place and tries to talk to her, but when he approaches her she flinches and runs to her room. As Robbo knocks on the door, telling her to open up, she sinks to the floor, struggling to breathe…

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