Titled Desert Trinity, the conceptual design by Midori Architects bagged first place in the Creative Minds Next national competition at FOAID late last year

Suraksha Acharya is no stranger to sustainable architecture. Aero Hive, her design for a skyscraper bagged the Silver A Design Award in Italy last year, and she has submitted several conceptual outlines for renewable energy projects across the globe. With the focus now on eco parks, her firm, Midori Architects has won first place (Architecture Category) in the Creative Minds Next national competition at the Festival Of Architecture and Interior Design (FOAID) late last year.

Acharya called it Desert Trinity, and says the design was initially submitted to the Land Art Generator Initiative’s (LAGI) 2019 Dubai International Competition. Architects and designers were invited to design an iconic work of art for a landmark site within Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, using renewable energy technology to provide on-site energy production consistent with the master plan of the city. Envisioned as the energy park of the future, she explains how Desert Trinity comprises two solar elements (concentrated solar paraboloids) and one wind element (paraboloid) that work in synergy to provide a clean and sustainable source of energy (an approximate estimate of 2,388 MWh/year electricity is generated through these elements). In addition, the pedestrian bridge that connects these three elements is composed of low carbon concrete with piezoelectric tiles, enabling visitors to contribute towards the energy generation during their visit to the power plant.

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