What do you think when you see the above tin of chocolates?

Perhaps you’d like to dig right in, or perhaps you feel like somebody already has and you’ve been left with the dregs?

That’s what one customer thought when she opened her long-anticipated sharing tin of Lindt Lindor chocolates, and she has been quick to share her opinion.

Last week, details of the chocolate box was shared, and fans were buzzing to have their favourite sweets in a bumper-sized tin ready for the festive season. But, as it turns out, the tin isn’t so bumper after all.

On the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Group on Facebook, the woman shared a picture of her purchase with the caption: ‘For all those who were brimming with excitement at the new Lindt chocolate tins, THIS is the pathetic and disgusting amount of chocolates actually in them.

‘Bought this today from Tesco, opened with pure delight and then sat back in complete disbelief.

‘£10 they are charging for the amount of chocolates that would fill one of their boxes. Don’t waste your money people.’

She also highlighted that she didn’t realise the tin would contain 32 chocolates as advertised upon its release.

A 200g box of Lindor costs £4 from Tesco and contains 16 chocolates usually of a single flavour, while the £10 tin has 32 inside in a number of flavours.

That didn’t stop commenters having a great laugh at Lindt’s expense, with one saying: ‘If 2020 was a tin of chocolates’.

Another replied: ‘Brexit, Covid and now Lindorgate. Honestly I’m absolutely livid. How dare they. Kids are crying now.’

If you know you’ll keep the tin after and like to have a variety of flavours for guests, this could still be a good buy. But if you’re all about the value, perhaps not.

We have contacted Lindt for comment and will update this article when they get back to us.

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