Taco Bell is selling Rattlesnake Fries? Is that safe? Is it . . . legal? Before you say “Thank u, next” to Taco Bell’s spicy new side dish, take a deep breath and fear not! In an attempt to “think outside the bun,” it looks like the chain just got creative with the name of its hot new steak fries, effectively confusing us all. While the name tells us zip about the fries themselves, it is a creative way of saying that these spicy steak fries pack a pretty big punch for only $2.99. The seasoned fries are topped with (beef) steak, classic Taco Bell nacho cheese sauce, creamy jalapeño sauce, and sliced jalapeños for extra spice. Rattlesnake fries will be available for a limited time beginning Feb. 28. Are your taste buds ready?

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