Eating dessert is one of the greatest joys in life, and yes, sweets can fit into a well-balanced diet. Starting today, The Cheesecake Factory is offering up a free slice of cheesecake when you order lunch via DoorDash. Each lunch order must cost at least $15, and be delivered or picked up, meaning you can’t enjoy a leisurely sit-down meal. Just use promo code “LUNCHSLICE” at checkout.

The offer is available weekdays through March 25, making it pretty tempting to make this a regular treat. Of course there is nothing wrong with enjoying a slice of cheesecake every so often, but making it a daily habit may go against your personal nutritional goals.

However, you can be the judge: a slice of regular cheesecake contains 830 calories and 51 grams of sugar. If you decide to get fancy and order the Oreo Extreme Dream Cheesecake, you’re looking at 1620 calories and 133 grams of sugar.

Let’s say you decide to take advantage of this deal and order a slice or regular cheesecake for the next 19 days, which is how long the deal lasts. You’d eat 15,770 calories of cheesecake and consume 969 grams of sugar.

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So how much sugar is too much, anyway? According to the American Heart Association, men should aim to eat no more than roughly 36 grams of sugar per day. That’s because diets high in sugar is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, belly fat, and kidney stones. That said, most dietitians say no food should be off limits—including sugar and dessert.

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