Summer may be coming to a close in a few short weeks but Wendy’s is in no rush to cool things off.

The fast-food giant is giving away two million of its beloved spicy chicken nuggets from now through August 19.

The cult-favorite menu item is making a comeback for the first time since 2017 thanks to a tweet back in May by superstar Chance the Rapper. 

Wendy’s agreed to respond to the rapper’s plea for the coveted nuggs so long as their tweet received two million likes:

Leveraging chicken nuggets for clout? Bold move.

Unsurprisingly, the since-viral Wendy’s tweet received the two million likes and the fast food giant promised to bring the menu item back on August 19:

But with fans chomping at the bit to get their hands on the grub, Wendy’s made a surprising pivot and dropped the ball that the spicy chicken nuggets would now be available starting August 12:

Customers rushed to stores and went wild on Twitter sharing their victories:
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Consumers can pop in their local Wendy’s to get their hands on the spicy goodness — but getting them for free won’t be as simple.

To score a free six-piece spicy chicken nugget order, simply order a six-piece nugget from Wendy’s via the DoorDash app anytime from Monday, August 12 to Monday, August 19 and enter ‘SPICYNUGGS’ in the promo code box at check out.

The restriction to one six-piece box per customer and forcing customers to order exclusively through one app to get the free food is a strategic move on behalf of Wendy’s — it limits the number of spicy nuggets that each individual customer can order, as many crazed fans would most likely attempt to stock the nuggets up in bulk (lest we forget the McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce fiasco of 2018.)

Wendy’s is only serving out two million nuggets, which comes out to a little more than 333,333 orders before they run out — go get them while they last! 

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