Chance the Rapper is trying his hand at joining a boy band and uh, it’s not going so well.

In an exclusive teaser from Doritos’ upcoming Super Bowl ad, the 25-year-old gets dance lessons from the Backstreet Boys. Chance and one of America’s favorite boy bands teamed up for the ad promoting the company’s new Flamin’ Hot Nacho chips.

During the teaser, the 25-year-old rapper is seen standing alongside the Backstreet Boys members, AJ McLean, Howie Dorough, Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson, and Brian Littrell as he attempts to master the dance moves to their song “I Want It That Way.”

“Terrible, dude,” McLean says.

“I think it’s the pants,” Chance replies.

Then Littrel tells Chance, “No excuses, man, let’s do it again,” before counting down for the entire group to do the fist-pumping motion together.

Doritos posted another sneak preview of the ad last week where the Backstreet Boys are seen posing for a photo and Chance inserts himself into the group.

“Backstreet’s back. And hotter than ever, ” the caption reads.

Frito-Lay announced the new hot flavor of Doritos earlier this month.

The company says that spicy snacks are one of the “fastest-growing segments in the food industry,” a trend that has even crept its way into the candy aisle. Recently, sweets both Skittles and Starburst were given a kick of heat, and jalapeño-flavored peanut M&M’s even exist now.

Catch the full 30-second commercial—which Doritos says “definitely will be hot”—when it airs during Super Bowl LIII on February 3.

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