Fatima Ali is asking her fans for their prayers.

The former Top Chef contestant gave an update on her health as she battles the rare form of bone cancer Ewing’s Sarcoma. Ali posted to her Instagram account after not posting for nearly a month.

“I know it’s been ages since I posted and most may have figured out why,” she wrote on selfie of herself in what appears to be a hospital. “I’m sick and unfortunately I’m getting sicker.”

In October, the chef had revealed that her cancer had returned “with a vengeance” and that doctors told her she had about a year left to live. Ellen DeGeneres gifted Ali with $50,000 courtesy of Shutterfly to help her spend her last year living out her dream of visiting the world’s best restaurants. Now, all Ali is asking for are prayers and forgiveness.

“Right now all I need are prayers; prayers that are simple,” she wrote. “I hope, because a wish is putting on too much responsibility on the other, that you will somehow find forgiveness in your big heart for whenever I must have hurt you.”

“I thank you a million times over for when you have given me joy,” she continued. “I’ll try to keep everyone updated the best that I possibly can.”

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Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi, who was with Ali when she had one of her first surgeries, commented on her latest update that she intended to be there for her again. “I’m coming Boo!” wrote Lakshmi. “Hold on tight.”

A number of other chefs and stars commented on the post wishing her well including Richard Blais, Marcus Samuelsson, Sam Talbot, and Questlove.

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In an emotional essay for Bon Appetit in October, Ali wrote that she was “scared” but had “an odd sense of relief” following her diagnosis.

“I can finally live for myself, even if it’s just for a few precious months,” she wrote. “Every day is a new opportunity to experience something new.”

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