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? You are (the most) beautiful ?. . This new *instagram* treat is my absolute new favorite ???. Named after everyone’s fave DAK wall, this Most Beautiful Cake is available at the Harambe market (right next to the hidden wall!) (( Even the menu suggests taking a selfie ?)) : This treat is a coconut ‘mousse’ with a hidden pineapple cake and coconut flakes. To be honest. I’m not a huge dessert person. I actually never get sweets at the park. BUT THIS IS CHANGING EVERYTHING. . This is served cold which is not like melty cold like ice cream, it’s the perfect temperature for a hot day. The coconut flavor isn’t overwhelming which I am a big fan of. I personally didn’t really taste the pineapple but maybe that’s why I thought the coconut wasn’t overwhelming. It hands down is the one dessert I want to get every time. . Instagrammable or not, this is definitely worth your sweet treat while at DAK. It’s only 4.99, available on Mobile Order and the perfect break from your chocolate offerings. . . Tag those DAK stans to let them know what their next instagram photo is ??

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You might think Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park is just a place to see exotic animals like tigers and elephants, ride thrilling attractions like Flight of Passage, and feel like you’ve been transported to Africa. You’d be right, but the park also features some of Disney’s best snacks, including jungle juice slushies, Dole Whips with rum, and chocolate doughnut holes. Now a new snack has appeared in the park, and it’s modeled after one of Disney’s most photographed places — a floral wall with an old-timey look called “The You Are Most Beautiful Wall.”

We’re going wild! The Most Beautiful Cake, served cold and made of coconut mousse with pineapple cake and coconut flakes, can be found at Harambe Market, which is, of course, also where the wall is, so you can easily take a photo of the cake with its inspiration. The refreshing dessert, featuring a flower motif just like the wall, is $5 and available on Mobile Order — but probably not for long. We have a feeling this item is a limited edition, so hurry!

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