These savory pumpkin mac and cheese muffins deliver plenty of that coveted gourd’s flavor. The cheese sauce starts with a base of pumpkin puree. Smoked gouda cheese complements the cubes of pumpkin folded in the batch. Velveeta cheese and heavy cream offer unbeatable creaminess. To bind it all together, sandwich the goodness between garlicky breadcrumbs, inspired by Chrissy Teigen’s mac.

This pumpkin mac and cheese recipe doubles as a crave-worthy crowd-pleaser and ultracomforting weeknight dinner, depending on the presentation. If you’re making a meal for the family, skip the muffin step and simply serve the mac and cheese topped with breadcrumbs in bowls. But if you’re planning for a party, transforming the pumpkin-y mac into muffins means less dishes for you and an easy finger-food dining experience for your guests.

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