• The Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge, 52, detailed everything she eats during the day.
  • She eats her first meal at 6:00 am and has dinner no later than 7:00 pm.
  • The reality star also only drinks water at home, no alcohol.

If you’re a longtime Real Housewives of Orange County fan, it might surprise you to learn that Tamra Judge’s bevvie of choice at home is water. She can down tequila shots or Skinny Girl Margaritas like a champ when she’s out with the Tres Amigas, but at home it’s H2O all day, every day. Tamra, 52, said so herself and detailed everything else she eats during a day in a video for Bravo’s The Feast.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star makes sure to start her day with water. “I don’t drink alcohol at the house,” she explains in the video. “The only time I drink alcohol is when we go to dinner with somebody. We just drink water in our house, that’s it.”

Still, Tamra does have coffee with breakfast (she’s only human, after all!), which she said is usually oatmeal with berries in it. “Six o’clock in the morning is when I have my first meal,” she shares with the publication.

For lunch, Tamra usually goes for a salad or a lean protein, like chicken or fish. When dinner time rolls around at 6:00 pm, or at least no later than 7:00 pm, Tamra varies what’s on her plate. “Usually I try to do a lean protein, a vegetable, and a complex carb,” she explains. “It’s very simple, we don’t get real fancy at the house because we eat real healthy.”

Tamra basically sticks to three meals per day, and not much in between. “I’m not a big snacker,” she says. “If I do snack I’ll probably have a handful of raw nuts.”

In the past, Tamra has switched up her eating habits by trying the keto diet. She started the keto diet a year ago in August because she was “curious to see if this diet really works.” She lasted about a month on the strict diet before she felt sick and opted out. At the time, Tamra noted,”They say there’s this keto flu you get, and I just fell off the keto wagon.”

The last thing Tamra consumes before bed is some CBD oil, courtesy of her own brand VENA CBD. “We’re usually in bed early, by 9:00 pm,” she says. After her VENA, Tamra adds, “I’m out like a light.”

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