The Holiday season is quickly approaching and signaling the Christmas spirit is the Coca-Cola Company‘s annual heartfelt commercial.

This time around, Coke has enlisted celebrated director Taika Waititi (Thor: Love & Thunder, Jojo Rabbit) for an epic two-and-a-half-minute visual tale. Emphasizing the warm feeling and joy when the entire family is able to make it home for the holidays, the commercial follows a father on his quest to deliver his daughter’s letter to Saint Nick — Santa Claus has been associated with Coca-Cola since its Haddon Sundblom-illustration from 1931. After a failed motor on his rigid inflatable boat, the father is set on an adventure of epic proportions — showing the lengths that a family member will to go for a loved one.

The adventure takes a turn for the worse when the father hits a roadblock near the end. Without spoiling too much of the ending, Kris Kringle does eventually make an appearance, but be warned, the ending is a real tear-jerker. With the number of travel restrictions this year, this commercial is sure to hit close to home for many.

The Coca-Cola Company writes: “This Christmas, give something only you can give. Be it in person, over an awkward video call, or just a quick message, making time for the ones you love is what makes Christmas truly the most special time of year, no matter how you do it.”

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