This is not a drill!

Sour Patch Kids cereal is a real thing, and it’s coming to stores across the country. The cereal, morphed from the candy that’s known for being “sour then sweet,” will be sold exclusively in Walmart starting on Dec. 26, according to Today.

The cereal will maintain its signature kid shape and will cost around $4 a box, Bustle reported, adding that the cereal will have a “sour coating and a sweet finish,” much like the beloved candy.

According to Thrillist, who was able to taste test the cereal before it’s release, the new breakfast food is “still very much a sugary cereal.”

And fans of the candy freaking out over the newest creation.

“Today I found out that Sour Patch Kids cereal exists and I cerealously cannot think about anything else,” one fan tweeted with the hilarious pun.

“Yummy! I can’t wait to try it! Lol!” another wrote.

“Sour patch kids cereal. What a time to be alive,” a fan tweeted.

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“Sour Patch Kids Cereal is Actually Happening And Breakfast Will Never Be The Same,” one excited user expressed.

Sour Patch Kids aren’t the only dessert-turned cereal.

In October, Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch came back to shelves just in time for the holiday season.

For the first time since its 2015 debut, Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch is back on General Mills’ cereal line-up for 2018. The flavor is an offshoot of the original Cinnamon Toast Crunch and tastes like—you guessed it—a sugar cookie.

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