Shia LaBeouf can’t handle the heat!

The actor appeared on the season 10 premiere of First We Feast’s Hot Ones, where he made his way through a selection of chicken wings and hot sauces of increasing intensity. In a move unprecedented on Hot Ones, LaBeouf also added extra hot sauce to each wing he ate.

When he reached the Da Bomb Beyond Insanity hot sauce with a Scoville level of 135,600, LaBeouf began to tear up as he talked to host Sean Evans.

“That’s Bikram hot,” he said, while drinking a glass of water. “I’m gonna switch to the milk because I can’t even see you anymore.”

LaBeouf, 33, and Evans then took things a step further with the Burn After Eating sauce, which has a Scoville level of 669,000.

“I’m about to have tears streaming down my face, for real,” the actor said. “Can you see that? Maybe zoom in. I’m about to start crying. I feel like I’m on Touched by an Angel right now.”

LaBeouf then held a dramatic pose as a single tear fell slowly down his cheek. “I look so sad right now,” he said. “Don’t I? I look so sad.”

Shia LaBeouf with Hot Ones host Sean Evans

Despite the tears, after making his way through the wings, LaBeouf said he felt “pretty good.”

“I look sad as f—,” he added, “but inside I’m feeling really good.”

During the clip, LaBeouf discussed a wide range of topics, including his childhood, early career in standup comedy and his upcoming autobiographical film Honey Boy, and also cleared up some “myths” about his career — including his friendship with Kanye West.

When asked if West stole his hat from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, LaBeouf said, “I gave him the hat!”

“He was like, ‘Wow, what’s this?’ It was in a glass box … I was like, ‘Try it on!’ And it didn’t fit at all,” the actor explained. “He had it on like a yarmulke and I was like, ‘That’s kind of G, bro.’ He was like, ‘You think so?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, take it.’ He never really wore it, but he has it.”

Earlier this month, LaBeouf opened up about Honey Boy while sitting down with the cast and director Alma Har’el in the Entertainment Weekly and PEOPLE suite at the Toronto International Film Festival.

“I was in a court-ordered rehab facility and it was part of sussing out my past, flashlight to your soul, trying to get to know myself, like a shedding of skin in a way,” he said of where the story began. According to the actor, writing the script was part of his recovery process.

“I put it on a piece of paper like they told me, and then I get home and read it and it felt like it was in script form,” he continued. “I wound up sending all of my stuff to Alma who’s one of my closest friends and now a full-blown collaborator, so I was sending her all these pages and as the pages kept developing she’s like ‘Whoa, this is really a film.’ She was cheerleading from the outside and that was lifting my spirits inside.”

Hot Ones airs Thursdays at 11 a.m. ET on First We Feast’s YouTube channel. LaBeouf can next be seen in Honey Boy, which hits theaters Nov. 8.

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