We’ve all thrown a lump of mince meat into the pan and tried to break it all up with a wooden spoon and such.

However, one mum has shared an alternative method for ensuring lump-free meat and cooking it evenly at the same time.

Ami, from New South Wales, said she uses a whisk for browning mince meat evenly and without lumps.

The whisk helps to break the ground meat into smaller chunks that are perfect if you’re making a pasta sauce or even a burger patty.

‘If anyone cooks mince as much as I do, you’re welcome [for this trick],’ Ami wrote on a closed Facebook group.

She shared a video of the process, showing how using a whisk allowed the mince to separate and spread over the heated pan, browning perfectly.

Facebook users were impressed with the simple trick.

Hundreds of users enjoyed Ami’s tip and commented on the post.

One person wrote: ‘This is my favourite hack, so easy and works perfectly every time.

Another said: ‘OMG!!!! I have never ever thought of this. You are amazing’.

Others said potato mashers are equally good at separating the mince meat into small, edible chunks.

‘We use a potato masher, but it has similar results,’ one person wrote.

If you are trying to brown your mince but it keeps ending up tough, stewed, and grey, then you might be doing it wrong.

According to BBC Good Food, the secret to browning mince meat is to add it in bits.

Instead of releasing the stuff straight from the packet and into the pan, add the meat in small amounts.

Adding too much meat will reduce the temperature of the pan and the meat will release all of its liquid and become grey instead of brown.

As it fries, avoid over-stirring. Let the mince become a nice brown colour before breaking it up and turning.

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