We’re sure you remember the excitement surrounding Marks & Spencer’s Love Sausage – the entirely innocently named Valentine’s Day treat.

This year M&S is back with another super romantic and not-at-all-rude-sounding offering: their Love Cucumber.

While the Love Sausage was simply a regular sausage arranged in the shape of a heart, the Love Cucumber has been carefully grown in a heart-shaped mould.

This means that each slice is a perfect heart shape, perfect for jazzing up a lovingly tossed salad on the most romantic day of the year.

M&S recommends popping the slices in a nice G&T to add some romance to the occasion, but if you’re not a gin fan you can incorporate your cucumber however you please.

Perhaps you could arrange little hearts around your steak or go the whole hog by doubling up on a Love Sausage and a Love Cucumber. Nothing says V Day like a nice girthy sandwich.

Unfortunately, the Love Cucumber isn’t available in every M&S branch, only their 94 biggest stores, and it won’t be around for long.

If you’re keen for your own Love Cucumber to add some romance to proceedings, pop to your nearest store sharpish and get your hands on one.

Guy Grimshaw, M&S agronomist, said: ‘Our customers really get into the spirit on Valentine’s Day and love the innovative new products we bring out each year.

‘This year it’s not only about the famous Love Sausage… But the new Love Cue is sure to bring a smile to our customers faces. Slice it and add to a G&T and celebrate this Valentine’s Day in style.’

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