David’s tweet has now received more than 9,000 likes with loads of people weighing in with their thoughts on the sandwich.

Considering the display had LGBTQ+ emblazoned on it, some wondered why there wasn’t any quinoa to fill in the letter q.

Before M&S confirmed their support for LGBT charities, people online wondered how the supermarket was supporting the community.

Most people had a laugh and said they couldn’t wait to try it.

‘€4.50 for a BLT with guac? Guess they’re hoping gays really have expensive taste,’ quipped one person.

‘Oh I’m hoping my local M&S have it for my lunch break,’ said another.

‘Am I wrong but that sounds kinda nice?!’ wrote another person.

Others joked that anyone looking to get in the best shape for Pride parade was not going to be eating any carbs.

And of course, there were some jokes about the word anal in artisanal. Classic.

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