We do love a good secret menu hack.

And if you’re bored of your regular order at McDonald’s, this might be one to try.

A McDonald’s worker – named, mysteriously, @mcdonaldsworker98 – has shared their go-to recipe for lunch while they’re working: a chicken, bacon and chips sandwich.

‘This is what I always eat on my break,’ they wrote.

In a video posted to TikTok, the McDonald’s worker shows themselves adding mayo to a toasted bun, topping that with rashers of streaky bacon, then putting a layer of chips, followed by breaded chicken, followed by another layer of chips.

The other half of the bun goes on top and voila, you have a tasty chicken, bacon and chips sandwich.

Now, while this is a secret menu item beloved by McDonald’s staffers, you can absolutely make your own.

The annoying thing, though, is that you could end up forking over quite a bit of cash to get all the different components.

First you’d need your breaded chicken, bun, and mayo – you could order the McChicken Sandwich for £2.59, or get drinks and chips (which you do need) for £4.29.

But then you’d need to get some bacon – and you might just have to bite the bullet and buy an entire second burger just to nab it, such as the Bacon Cheeseburger.

Or, if you’re lucky, some McDonald’s restaurants do a Bacon Mayo Chicken burger, which has nearly all the components you’d need. Then you’d just have to add chips, wedging them below and on top of your chicken.

You could also get the McChicken BLT, if it’s on your local menu, but you would need to remove the lettuce, tomato, and cheese to exactly match this order.

If you’re willing to go to the effort of hacking the menu, pulling apart your sandwich, and sticking some chips inside, you might be rewarded with your new favourite Macca’s treat, though.

Not only is @mcdonaldsworker98 a fan, but the comments on the video are full of praise, along with messages from other McDonald’s workers saying they often make the same secret dish.

‘I thought I was the only one who made this,’ wrote one person.

Another said: ‘Fries in the burger is next level.’

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