McDonald’s is adding a new item to the breakfast menu.

For those who aren’t a fan of the outside of a McMuffin but love the filling, you can now get a breakfast roll instead.

It’s the same bread roll that they currently serve bacon in but now you’ll be able to get bacon, a sausage patty, cheese and an egg, with a choice of ketchup or brown sauce.

Unlike the McMuffin, you can enjoy both bacon and sausage at the same time.

The item has been a big hit in Ireland for more than five years so they’ve decided to bring it to the UK menu from this Wednesday.

It might be a welcome replacement for those who are missing the McDonald’s breakfast wrap, which is not included on their current reduced menu because of social distancing.

The Breakfast Roll will cost £2.79 and will be available during breakfast hours from 5am until 11am.

It’s 20p more than a standard sausage or bacon McMuffin but you do get the extra meat in there.

It’s not the only new addition to the menu. Earlier this month, McDonald’s launched the spicy Quarter Pounder and the McChicken BLT.

The Nacho Cheese Bites and Quarter Pounder Deluxe are also back on offer.

A new seasonal drink made an appearance in the form of the Salted Caramel Latte.

Sadly, these treats will only be available until 17 November (just before the Christmas menu launches), but luckily, the Breakfast Roll is a more permanent addition.

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