McBroken is a website that aims to curb that all too familiar disappointment that comes when finding out the McDonald’s you’re ordering from has a broken ice cream machine. Developed by software engineer Rashiq Zahid, the web app incredibly track which McDonald’s locations in the United States have a working ice cream machine.

McBroken was developed by reverse-engineering the fast-food giant’s ordering API. Basically, the site uses its own API to check the availability of a McSundae at each location by adding the frozen treat to an online order every 30 minutes.

The McBroken site also provides interesting percentage details about McDonald’s ice cream machines. Monitoring activity on the site, the percent of ice cream machines broken in the U.S. hovers between 7.5 and 7.8 percent and Phoenix, Arizona has the most out of service machines.

Head over to McBroken to find out the McDonald’s ice cream machines working near you.

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