Everyone knows Christmas really begins when you crack open the big tin of Quality Street – but for one man, that moment was bittersweet this year.

Stephen Hull, who is head of digital at ITV news, conducted an audit of his Quality Street tin for the benefit of his Twitter following, and the results were… well, more than a little shocking.

‘Bit of spare time on my hands today so I audited the unopened Quality Street tin,’ he wrote. ‘Just 4 purples (4.7%) and yet a massive 11 (12.9%) orange ones. Another blow for 2020. Who do I complain to? #inequalitystreet’.

Many other Twitter users weighed in to express their anger.

‘The worst thing about Quality Street is they put both a toffee penny and toffee finger in there – there’s no need for both,’ one woman tweeted.

‘Also, only 4 each of the two best flavours, the purple one and the green Noisette triangle? Outrageous.’

Another person wrote: ‘That is all kinds of wrong. Orange creams shouldn’t even be in the mix let alone staging a bloody takeover’.

So, is this the standard for Quality Street these days, or just a one-off?

Commenting on the fiasco, a spokesperson for Nestlé, the food manufacturer behind Quality Street, told Metro.co.uk: ‘We know that Quality Street fans feel passionately about their favourites, and we have procedures in place to help ensure that each of the 12 varieties are well represented within the mix.

‘And, for those who can’t resist a Caramel Swirl, or who’d love a tin of purely Purple Ones, our website allows you to pick and mix the sweets you love to create your perfect combination.’

That’s that, then. A tin of strawberry cremes, please.

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