Christmas is all about indulgence – turkey and trimmings, dessert, cracking open the festive chocolates and still room for a delicious cheese board.

But if you’re sick of fighting over the Wensleydale, the latest trend on social media is for individual charcuterie boards, served in a mini mason jar.

Called ‘jarcuterie’, the idea is gaining popularity on social media, particularly in 2020, as people want to enjoy food with their loved ones while staying two metres apart.

Each portion is filled with different types of cheese, cured meats, olives and fruit so you can enjoy all the elements of the board, without having to stretch over people.

The jars look pretty too, with the food carefully layered up inside and skewers used to keep it all in place.

Instagram page @GrazingKC said: ‘On the list of things I’m thankful for in 2020… jarcuterie is one of them!’

Noble Graze, who was one of the first accounts to post about the idea, added a picture of their offering and said: ‘Single serve grazing is in high demand! This mason jar cutie works just fine!’

If you don’t have mini jars at home, you can try using tumblers or other glasses to give the same effect.

All you need to do is choose your favourite elements of a charcuterie board, divide them all out evenly between you and your guests and then build it all up inside the glass.

Get creative with shapes and use skewers to give the tower support. Once your guests have finished taking pictures of your stylish treats, they can nibble from the jar or tip it out onto a plate to combine the things together.

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