These blackberry bars are perfect either hot or cold.

Blackberry crumble bars

These are so simple and delicious. Have them cold as bars or warm them up and drizzle them with oat cream for dessert.

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Makes 9.

Gluten-free and vegan


For crumble: 300g ground almonds

100g gluten-free oats

½ tsp cinnamon

80ml melted coconut oil

80ml maple syrup

1 tsp vanilla essence

For the filling:

225g blackberries

1 tbsp of maple syrup

1 tbsp of chia seeds


1. Preheat the oven to 180°C. Line an 8-inch baking tin with baking paper.

2. In a large bowl, mix together all of the crumble ingredients.

3. Press about three quarters of the mixture very tightly into the baking tin. Bake for about 12 minutes until nice and golden.

4. While the base is baking, make the blackberry filling by blending all of the ingredients in your blender until smooth. Then pour the mixture into a small saucepan and let it simmer gently on low heat for about 10 minutes until thickened.

5. Spread the blackberry mixture over the base and sprinkle the remaining crumble over the top.

6. Bake for about another 12-15 minutes until golden. Take it out and let it cool completely on a wire rack before slicing into bars.

Crumble, quick!

If you’re crunched for time, this recipe is really flexible – you can use it to make a regular crumble in a hurry. Just fill a dish with whole blackberries, drizzle a few tablespoons of maple syrup over them and a squeeze of lemon juice and toss. Mix up the crumble mixture and sprinkle it generously all over the top. Then pop it all in the oven at 180°C until the top is golden and crisp and the berries are bubbling. No need to spend time on layers or perfectly sliced bars, just scoop big spoonfuls into bowls and tuck in.

Indy loves

If you’ve been blackberry picking and have more berries to use up, you can turn them into the most delicious breakfast topping for porridge, pancakes or yoghurt in a matter of minutes. I do it all year round with different berries, fresh and frozen, but it’s particularly gorgeous with blackberries and looks so beautiful. While your porridge, pancakes or whatever you are having is cooking, simply add a big handful of berries to a small saucepan with a dash of water, just enough to cover the bottom of the pan, and a glug of maple syrup to taste. Bring it to a gentle simmer as you mash it with a fork. Leave it to bubble until the rest is ready and then pour it generously over the top before serving.

A very berry mix-up

Raspberries work in this recipe too

When you can’t get your hands on blackberries, this recipe is gorgeous with raspberries too.

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