How to Hard-Boil Eggs in an Instant Pot, Which Makes Peeling SO Easy

I’m a new Instant Pot user and have avoided cooking eggs for months out of fear they would explode (I’ve seen some gnarly photos on the Instant Pot Facebook Community). When I searched online for “How to cook eggs in an Instant Pot,” I was met with disaster photos and inconsistent instructions from various bloggers. I searched for “eggs” on the Instant Pot website and saw an old video (with an old Instant Pot) that gave some strange instructions, too. My boyfriend said, “Well, why don’t you just try the egg setting and see what happens?” Duh! While it’s almost that easy to “hard-boil” perfect eggs, there are a few tips and tricks I tried that I wanted to share with you so your eggs turn out well, too. So here’s the method I used, step by step.

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