Last weekend, we showed you how to scramble and flip eggs like a pro.

We’ve spoken to the chefs at Eggslut yet again, this time to teach you how to fry eggs with an Insta-worthy runny yolk.

It’s a tricky challenge – leave the egg for too long and you might burn the albumen (the white part) or the yolk might set. Then again, try it too soon, and the yolk may escape before you’re ready.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

What you need

  • Rapeseed oil (though olive or vegetable works just as well)
  • One egg
  • A small frying pan

How to make an egg with a runny yolk

Check back tomorrow for your final egg-themed challenge.

It’s a millennial favourite: poached eggs. Avocado and toast is optional.

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