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Supermarkets including Tesco, Aldi, Lidl and Waitrose have issued a food recall notice on many of their food products including chicken, cheese and burgers. Among the list of food items that have been recalled includes a product that may contain salmonella. Customers who have any of the below food items should not eat the product and return it to the store they purchased it from for a full refund. 

The Food Standards Agency as well as the supermarkets have shared details of the foods which are being recalled.

Food recalls are issued when there is a discovery surrounding a product that might put the customer at risk.

The latest recalls include chicken, cheese and burgers.

Here is a list of the full affected items. 


Aldi has extended its recall of Roosters Southern Fried Poppin’ Chicken and Roosters Breaded Poppin’ Chicken to include all batches and all best before dates.

This is because the products could contain salmonella.

Symptoms caused by salmonella usually include a fever and abdominal cramps. 

The pack size of both of the food items is 210g and all batch codes and all best before dates are affected.

Customers should not eat any of these food items and instead return them to an Aldi store for a full refund. 

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Tesco is recalling a cereal bar after the possible presence of Salmonella was discovered in several batches.

The item affected is the Eat Natural Brazil & Sultana with Peanuts and Almonds Bar 50g.

The best before dates that are affected include October 2020, November 2020, December 2020, January 2021, February 2021, March 2021, April 2021, May 2021 and June 2021. ›

Customers who have the affected item in their food cupboard should return it to a store for a full refund.

No receipt is required and no other products in the same range are known to be affected.


Budget supermarket Lidl is recalling its Simply Mature White Cheddar cheese.

This is because it may contain small pieces of plastic.

The possible presence of plastic makes this product unsafe to eat. 

The pack size is 900g and all best before dates up to December 26 should be returned to store for a full refund.

Lidl is also recalling its Cologran Stevia sweetener tablets because of an undeclared item on the label.

A statement from the Food Standards Agency reads: “This product contains aspartame, (E951), (a source of phenylalanine) making it a possible health risk for sufferers of phenylketonuria (PKU).”

Aspartame is an artificial non-saccharide sweetener and is commonly used as a sugar substitute in foods and beverages.

When not declared on the label, it can provide a potential health risk to those sufferers of phenylketonuria.

If you have bought the above product, and suffer from phenylketonuria, Lidl GB says to return it to the store it was bought from for a full refund.


Waitrose supermarket is recalling its No.1 Dominican Republic Milk Chocolate 49 percent product because of undeclared items on the label.

Some of the products contain almonds, hazelnuts and soya which are not correctly labelled on the packaging.

This poses a threat to anyone who may have an allergy to nuts or soya.

The best before date that should be returned to store includes any date up until November 2021.

Customers who have this food item should return it to their nearest Waitrose store for a full refund. 

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