Food Picks Ep 16: Interesting chef collaborations and online food shopping

11:59 mins

Synopsis: Our podcasters from The Straits Times talk about the best eats and drinks, and what you can bring home or get delivered, during this Covid-19 pandemic. 

Money FM’s Bernard Lim hosts The Straits Times’ food editor Tan Hsueh Yun as she shares her food picks this week.

During the circuit breaker period, chef Dylan Ong of The Masses, a restaurant in Beach Road, and chef Daniel Suren of Heavens, an appam stall in Ghim Moh Market, collaborated to offer appam for brunch on weekends.

Find out about Sunday Folks, Creamier’s dessert parlour in Chip Bee Gardens, and their delicious mash-up of churros and waffles.

Also, listen to why you should try online food shopping at Foster Foods, a Singapore gourmet food distributor and retailer.

More in Tan’s story.

Produced by: Money FM’s Bernard Lim & ST’s food team

Edited by: Bernard Lim & Penelope Lee

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