We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the absolute BEST pizza in their state. Here are the spots that received the most love from the locals.

1.Alabama: Post Office Pies in Birmingham and Avondale


“They have amazing pizza and a cool venue that used to be an actual post office with the original exterior existing.”


“It’s affordable and absolutely delicious! A great spot to go to if you’re passing through or just need a bite to eat in the area!”


2.Alaska: Moose’s Tooth Pub & Pizzeria in Anchorage


“As an Alaskan, I would fail miserably if I didn’t plug Moose’s Tooth! Their pizzas are delicious, original, and not too expensive. All of the handcrafted beers are a bonus!”


“They recently made all of their crust vegan, have original creative recipes, a ton of specials, and in 2015 TripAdvisor ranked it the third best pizzeria in the US!”


3.Arizona: Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix


“It’s hands-down the best pizza in the state! It’s been rated the number one pizzeria in AZ by Bon Appetit, Vogue, Rachael Ray.”


Honorable Mentions: Cibo in Phoenix and Fratelli in Flagstaff.

4.Arkansas: Damgoode Pies at multiple locations


“They offer a range of sauces, but their pink sauce is the best. Personally, I love the Stuffy, which is a double-crust deep dish with toppings on the inside and sauce on top.”


Honorable Mentions: Larry’s Pizza and U.S. Pizza Company.

5.California: The Cheeseboard Collective in Berkeley


“One flavor a day, always fresh, always vegetarian. Lines down the block, especially when it’s a corn day. Always get the green sauce to dip your pizza in. Always.”


Honorable Mentions: Pizza My Heart and Village Pizzeria.

6.Colorado: Brown Dog Pizza in Telluride


“It’s so so good, just every component. They’ve won awards for their specialty pizza recipes and the whole vibe of the place is super fun and energetic.”


Honorable Mention: Beau Jo’s Pizza at multiple locations.

7.Connecticut: Frank Pepe’s at multiple locations.


“Frank Pepe’s is a CT staple—the White Clam pizza especially!”


Honorable Mention: Modern Apizza in New Haven.

8.Delaware: Grotto Pizza at multiple locations


“Delaware has to be Grottos Pizza. There’s a reason they call it the ‘legendary taste’! The swirls of sauce and cheese make it so unique and so tasty!”


9.Florida: Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza at multiple locations


“It’s a chain that got its start here, but other states up north just love taking credit for our one franchise. Nope. A Florida classic, sorry guys.”


10.Georgia: Antico Pizza Napoletana in Atlanta


“It’s some of the best pizza you’ll ever have.”


11.Hawaii: Kona Brewing Company in Honolulu


“Amazing local flavor brews, creative pizzas, and admirable sustainability goals! They also use hops in the pizza dough!”


12.Idaho: The Pie Hole in Boise



13.Illinois: Lou Malnati’s in Chicago


“Their deep dish is to die for. Anytime someone visits from elsewhere, we always order Lou Malnati’s. There’s no place that makes better pizza.”


Honorable Mentions: Pequod’s Pizza and Uno Pizzeria in Chicago.

14.Indiana: Mother Bear’s Pizza in Bloomington


“Fantastic thin crust that does its own thing and doesn’t try and emulate pizza from anywhere else. The Illinois Central and the Divine Swine are just to die for.”


15.Iowa: Happy Joe’s Pizza at multiple locations


“There’s all kinds of specialty pizzas (like their famous taco pizza), and it has the best atmosphere. Also, the Superman ice cream (if you can find it) is to DIE FOR.”


16.Kansas: Pizza Shuttle in Lawrence



17.Kentucky: Miguel’s Pizza in Slade


“The best place to go after rock climbing or hiking, and great with an Ale-8-One.”


18.Louisiana: Johnny’s Pizza House at multiple locations


“Even after 52 years, it’s still the go-to pizza place for natives. Their most famous pizza is the ‘Sweep the Kitchen,’ which is a supreme pizza, but during crawfish season, they sell the ‘Sweep the Swamp,’ which has crawfish, shrimp, and andouille sausage. There are now a total of 44 franchise locations in Louisiana and surrounding states, but it still feels like a small, local treasure.”


19.Maine: Otto in Portland


“Their bacon, mashed potato, scallion pizza is to die for!”


20.Maryland: Ledo Pizza at multiple locations


“Its crust is different than any other pizza I’ve had, and I really like that it’s cut into squares.”


“Great, sweet, homemade sauce. And they never cut corners! It’s a must-have in Maryland!”


Honorable Mention: Pizzeria Paradiso in Hyattsville.

21.Massachusetts: Regina Pizzeria in Boston


“Pizzeria Regina in the North End of Boston is the best pizza I’ve had in Massachusetts. The line is long, but the wait is worth it.”


Honorable Mention: Santarpio’s in Boston.

22.Michigan: Buddy’s Pizza at multiple locations


“Perfect Detroit-style pizza. And their brick cheese is amazing. Nothing compares!”


Honorable Mention: Amici’s in Berkley.

23.Minnesota: Sammy’s Pizza at multiple locations


“A classic, thin crust masterpiece.”


Honorable Mentions: Young Joni and Punch Pizza in Minneapolis.

24.Mississippi: Stromboli’s in Starkville



25.Missouri: Imo’s Pizza in St. Louis


“What makes it different is that the crust is cracker thin and they have their own cheese in this area called Provel. Imo’s claims to have invented it.”


Honorable Mention: Shakespeare’s Pizza in Columbia.

26.Montana: Howard’s Pizza at multiple locations

“Chewy cheese, and I love that they use canned mushrooms instead of fresh because they stay moist and plump. Best pizza in town.”


27.Nebraska: Valentino’s Pizza at multiple locations


“If you’re going for easy, delivery pizza, you gotta go with Valentino’s while you’re in Nebraska.”


28.Nevada: Naked City Pizza in Las Vegas


“Every local knows it!”


Honorable Mention: Metro Pizza in Las Vegas.

29.New Hampshire: 900 Degrees in Manchester


“Absolutely bomb!”


30.New Jersey: Papa’s Tomato Pies in Robbinsville


“It’s the the ‘longest continuously owned and operated pizza restaurant in the U.S.’ Amazing pizza and a killer Mustard Pie. Don’t ask, just embrace the delicious weirdness.”


31.New Mexico: Cafe Rio Pizza in Ruidoso.


“People drive for hours to eat there even with hour-long waits to get a table.”


Honorable Mention: Dion’s Pizza at multiple locations.

32.New York: Artichoke Bassille’s Pizza in New York City


“It has the same setup as a typical NYC pizza place, but there is something special about that place. If you ask any NYC’ers if they’ve heard of Artichoke, they’ll all say yes, and for good reason!”


Honorable Mentions: Dani’s House of Pizza in Queens and Little Vincent’s in Huntington.

33.North Carolina: Empire Pizza in Jacksonville


“A slice from a large pizza is about as long as a normal chain’s ENTIRE large pizza. The crust is amazing and they also have really good wings.”


34.North Dakota: Rhombus Guys in Fargo and Grand Forks


“Amazing standbys like the all-meat T-Rex or the vegetarian Backpacker, plus amazing pizzas of the month.”


35.Ohio: Hounddog’s Pizza in Columbus


“Nothing will ever compare. All other pizza is now bland and boring to me after years of eating there weekly. It’s very well-known in the city and by OSU alums all over. A delicious institution.”


Honorable Mentions: Marion’s and Dewey’s in Dayton.

36.Oklahoma: Hideaway Pizza in Tulsa


“Their sauce is amazing and they have a great variety of fresh ingredients. Best enjoyed on Campus Corner in Norman with a side of fried Mushrooms. Every OU student has a colorful array of plastic Hideaway Pizza cups in their cupboard.”


37.Oregon: Apizza Scholls in Portland


“Accept no substitute.”


Honorable Mentions: Coburg Pizza and Track Town Pizza in Eugene.

38.Pennsylvania: Minneo’s in Pittsburgh


“ICONIC. Doughy crust with just the right amount of grease, fresh mozzarella, and a generous layer of slow-cooked tomato sauce are what you’ll get here.”


39.Rhode Island: Al Forno in Providence

“Al Forno has the absolute best grilled pizza (which it sort of invented) in the whole state, maybe even country.”


40.South Carolina: EVO Pizzeria in Charleston


“Fresh, local ingredients and in-house dough made every morning. Need I say more?”


Honorable Mention: Pizza Kovachi in Lexington.

41.South Dakota: Lintz Bros. Pizza in Hermosa


“Totally worth the drive and they offer a casual atmosphere with great, non-traditional pizza toppings. Definitely my favorite!”

Terra Solseth, Facebook

42.Tennessee: Five Points Pizza in Nashville



43.Texas: Home Slice in Austin


“The White Clam pizza is amazing!”


Honorable Mention: Star Pizza in Houston.

44.Utah: The Pie Pizzeria at multiple locations


“Everyone’s go-to. It’s loaded with cheese and it’s some of the best pizza I’ve ever had.”


45.Vermont: Parker Pie Co. in West Glover


“Their Green Mountain Special is unlike any other pizza: baby spinach, red onion, bacon, apple, fresh garlic, cheddar, and drizzled with maple syrup. The maple syrup might sound weird, but it’s classic Vermont and makes the pizza SO good!”


Honorable Mention: Mimmo’s Pizza at multiple locations.

46.Virginia: Bottoms Up Pizza in Richmond


“Thick sourdough crust, heavy on the toppings, and lots of personality. I’ve never heard of anyone having a bad slice and there’s interesting options like the Oysters Rockefeller pizza! If you want to experiment, single slice will fill most people up.”


Honorable Mention: Benny Vitali’s in Fredricksburg.

47.Washington: Pagliacci Pizza in Seattle


“They have about 30 different pizzas plus two new seasonal flavors every four weeks, so everything is very unique and original. On top of that, it’s New York style pizza with perfect crust every time. There’s no better pizza in Seattle!”


Honorable Mentions: Pizzeria Pulcinella in Seattle and Alfy’s Pizza at multiple locations.

48.West Virginia: DiCarlo’s Pizza at multiple locations

“Square pizza, slightly melted cheese, amazing white pizza.”


49.Wisconsin: Ian’s Pizza at multiple locations



Honorable Mentions: Thirsty Pagan at Lake Superior and Pizza Man at multiple locations.

50.Wyoming: Pizza Carrello in Gillette



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