What goes best with an iced coffee as temperatures start heating up? If you said a donut, you’re right. But if you said moisturized lips, you’re also right.

Dunkin’ Donuts customers have flocked to social media to share photos of a new product they have found in-store that is offering a delicious way to fight dry, chapped lips: Munchkins-flavored lip balm.

According to multiple snapshots shared on Instagram, Twitter and sites like Delish, the new moisturizers — shaped like orbs, not entirely unlike Eos balms — come in a pair for $5.99, situated inside a tiny version of the well-known white Munchkins takeaway box.

Dunkin’ confirmed to PEOPLE that the donut hole moisturizers are currently available nationwide at participating Dunkin’ restaurants while supplies last.

As for the donut flavors they are modeled after, Delish reported that the “the orange one has a strong marshmallow-y scent while the white balm smells even sweeter.”

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The balms have been available at least since mid-April, with customers sharing photos of the cute box containing the white and orange/pink moisturizers inside.

“Look what I picked up for me and my mom yesterday before work! They are munchkin lip glosses from Dunkin Donuts! Gah! Had to have these for our collections. Big DD and coffee fans!” one Instagram user captioned a shot of the balms on April 14.

Another joked five days earlier about just how excited they were to get the product: “I’m trash for clever marketing.”

Though these might be the cutest lip balms Dunkin’ has offered, they aren’t the first. Customers who can’t get to a store can snag their other lip-balm set currently for sale online for $4.99, which are shaped like tiny coffee cups and flavored like Pumpkin and Cinnamon Bun Swirl.

The new balms come on the heels of Dunkin’s Peeps-topped donut and a variety of Peeps-flavored coffee and espresso drinks, which they launched on April 1 ahead of the Easter holiday.

The vanilla Peeps donut looked both cute and delicious, with white icing, egg-shaped sprinkles and an iconic yellow Peep plopped in the middle. Customers could pair it with one of the many beverages that could be made to taste like Peeps marshmallows — including hot and iced coffee, espresso drinks, frozen coffee and frozen chocolate.

In addition to the Peeps products, Dunkin’ added several other goodies to their spring lineup. Caffeine addicts can add some spring to their step with the new Chocolate Cherry Cold Brew, while those looking for a more refreshing beverage could try either the Iced Tea Lemonade or Frozen Lemonade.

On the savory side, the new Sweet Sriracha Bacon Breakfast Sandwich is the latest menu addition.

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