Four of Duncan Hines’ cake mixes have been voluntarily recalled by its parent company in connection with a salmonella outbreak that is currently being investigated by Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Conagra Brands, a packaged foods company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, announced on Monday it would be recalling about 2.4 million boxes of Duncan Hines “Classic White,” “Classic Yellow,” “Classic Butter Golden,” and “Signature Confetti” cake mixes “out of an abundance of caution.”

All of the products being pulled were made during the same period, with expiration dates on the top of the 5.25-ounce packages coming between March 7-13, 2019

Each had a different UPC code.

• Duncan Hines Classic White Cake (644209307500)

• Duncan Hines Classic Yellow Cake (644209307494)

• Duncan Hines Classic Butter Golden Cake (644209307593

• Duncan Hines Signature Confetti Cake (644209414550)

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Health authorities had been investigating five cases of the disease, and found through DNA analysis that a sample of the “White Cake” mix contained traces of the illness collected from sick persons, the FDA said in a press release.

Several of the individuals affected said they had consumed a cake mix prior to becoming ill, Congara said in their own release — though it is not clear whether products were consumed raw or baked. Since cake mixes and batter contain eggs and flour, which can be harmful uncooked, consumers are “reminded not to consume any raw batter.”

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The company is not recalling any of its other products.

Consumers who purchased the recalled items are advised to return them to their point of purchase. Any questions should be directed at Congara’s consumer care team at 1-888-299-7646, (9 a.m.— 5 p.m. EST, weekdays) or visit

Meanwhile, the FDA and CDC say their investigation is still ongoing.

According to the CDC, salmonella is estimated to cause about 1.2 million illnesses, 450 deaths, and 23,000 hospitalizations in the U.S. each year. Symptoms including abdominal cramps, fever, and diarrhea.

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