Breakfast just got sweeter.

Finally, in what appears to be the first time in breakfast history, cotton candy and cereal are joining forces. Cotton Candy Cap’n Crunch is set to hit shelves this summer, a representative for Quaker Oats tells PEOPLE. The sugary cereal will be popping up at grocery stores around the U.S. starting in June.

Each box is filled with pink and blue cotton candy-flavored puffs, which are shaped similarly to the Cap’n Crunch Berries flavor rather than the original square cereal pieces. The Captain is appropriately outfitted in a pink vendor’s apron on the front of the box.

Cotton Candy Cap’n Crunch joins six other unique Cap’n Crunch flavors currently available, including Peanut Butter, All Berries, and Sprinkled Donut Crunch.

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The Instagram account The Junk Food Aisle posted about the sweet new treat last week, and a follower, who claims to work in the cereal industry, commented that the flavor is everything you’re hoping for and more.

“As an employee my POV is that this flavor is one of the most delicious,” they wrote. “Probably my favorite.”

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This year has already been an exciting time for cereal news: In February, it was announced that Honey Bunches of Oats Chicken & Waffles would be hitting store shelves, and earlier this month, Blueberry Cherrios became a new permanent cereal option.

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