Costco is basically synonymous with free samples. So, when the pandemic caused the wholesale retailer to suspend sampling for the foreseeable future, Costco shoppers understandably mourned the loss. But now, nearly three months later, free samples are reportedly making their return, according to CFO Richard Galanti.

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Ready for the free samples!

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On a quarterly earnings call on Thursday, Galanti said that Costco’s food sample stations will begin returning in some capacity — “on a slow rollout basis — starting mid-June. Galanti added that Costco will also implement new sanitary rules regarding the samples, Business Insider reports.

“I can’t tell you any more, but it’s — needless to say — not going to be where you go and just pick up an open sample with your fingers,” Galanti said.

Also impacted by the pandemic was Costco’s popular food court. While the food courts are still open, shoppers are limited to ordering only a handful of select items, including the store’s famous pizza. Members can also only order items to-go.

On the call, Galanti gave an update on Costco’s food court, saying that “a good portion of our food court item offerings were eliminated for Q3.” He added that they’ve “added some but not all the items back by now.”

What hasn’t changed at Costco is their face mask requirement. As stores returned to regular hours on May 4, shoppers were required to enter the store with a face covering on, sparking outrage among some members.

“There are a few people who don’t like it but most people do,” Galanti said.

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