Queer Eye’s resident foodie Antoni Porowski just confirmed it — Gigi Hadid is, in fact, the burger queen.

Porowski, who’s next project Queer Eye: We’re in Japan is set to premiere on Netflix later this year, recently spoke to PEOPLE about Hadid’s quest to find the best burger, and what some of her top qualifiers are.

“It’s really all about the percentage of fat to meat ratio, because you have to have that fat on the outside so it develops a really lovely crust,” said Porowski, 35, at the 2019 City Harvest Gala on April 29. “And it has to be seasoned properly. She’s all about the bun, too.”

Ahead of co-hosting the annual event, which raised $3.5 million to help feed New Yorkers in need, alongside Chrissy Teigen, Porowski added that his famous friend has too many favorite restaurants to pick just one and could elaborate on the “virtues” of every single burger. Luckily, she’s name dropped a few spots in the past.

Back in April 2018, Hadid, 24, tagged late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon in a cryptic tweet to announce that she had discovered the best burger in New York City. (The two first discussed the topic and shared a bite on-air in 2016.)

Although the supermodel never actually revealed the name, she made it clear that her longtime favorite J.G. Melon had been dethroned. And, with some simple Internet sleuthing, PEOPLE reported that Hadid’s tweet was probably referring to 4 Charles Prime Rib.

While Hadid’s love for burgers is now well known, Porowski also revealed she has another passion: baking. “She’s a real foodie and an excellent baker,” he said.

“I love cooking,” Hadid said in 2016. “I’ve loved cooking my whole life. I’m the biggest foodie ever. When I first signed my contract with my modeling management I said that the two things I want are a Vogue cover and to be on MasterChef.” She’s since accomplished both of those goals.

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