This week we celebrate one of the most beloved days of the year. Thanksgiving? Sure, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Black Friday? Well, kind of… For some insane and genius reason (true geniuses are always a little bit crazy), for 2018, 7-Eleven has decided to drop its annual “Bring Your Own Cup Day” on November 23 — none other than Black Friday.

For those who need a BYOC Day refresher, the event is the one day a year that 7-Eleven allows customers to bring in any “cup” they want and fill it up with a Slurpee for one low price. This year, you can fill up your “cup” at any participating 7-Eleven location from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Black Friday for just $1.49 — the typical price of a medium Slurpee.

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Importantly, the word “cup” must continually be put in quotation marks because, on this day only, 7-Eleven defines a “cup” as pretty much any container so long as it “must be leak-proof, safe, sanitary and fit upright within the in-store BYOC display cutout, which is about 10 inches in diameter.” As 7-Eleven clarifies, “That includes cookie jars, ladles, punchbowls and other containers that are thirsting to be filled with their favorite Slurpee flavor…. Sorry, trash cans, kitchen sinks and sleighs are not eligible.”

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“Many Slurpee fans will be out and about on the biggest shopping day of the year,” Jacob Barnes, 7-Eleven senior category manager for proprietary beverages, said in a statement. “With BYOC, they can fill up with their favorite Slurpee drink to keep them going, whether it’s back out with the crowds or back home to the couch.”

Of course, half the fun of BYOC Day is flaunting just how ridiculous your choice of “cup” can be, so to that end, 7-Eleven also suggests using the hashtag #BYOCDay2018 to share your “creative, colorful cups on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.” Or you can just do what this dude did last year and bring an empty bottle of Hennessy…

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