Pastry chef Jacques Torres tops his thick peanut butter hot chocolate recipe with hauntingly-cute, whipped cream ghosts that eventually melt to create the creamiest cocoa for a cold fall night. Get the recipe HERE. 

If you’re a fan of classic Rice Krispie Treats, you’re going to loooove this version made with browned butter. The flavors are sweeter, nuttier, and just dreamier in general. To make these Mummy Rice Krispie Treats, Food Network star Brandi Milloy pops on some candy eyes and wraps the bars in fruit leather. Get the recipe HERE. 

The Office star Angela Kinsey, who now hosts YouTube’s Baking with Josh and Ange with husband Josh Snyder, reveals there’s more ways than one to use a shot glass at a party. With three main ingredients (cookies, cream cheese, and pumpkin puree) these Graveyard Pumpkin Pie Shooters are an easy last-minute treat for kids and adults. Get the recipe HERE. 

The pastry chef at Little Dom’s in Los Angeles, Ann Kirk, stuffs her vanilla bean cupcakes with raspberry jam for a sweet surprise when you take a big ol’ bite. The secret is using a melon baller to make a perfect hole in the center about ¾-inch deep. Get the recipe HERE. 

Tia Mowry’s creepy-cute confection is an “easy, no-bake recipe” you can make with kids. “All of the ingredients are super easy to find too,” says the star of YouTube’s Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix. The secret to getting the “spikes” in Frankenstein’s hair is to dip the top of the pop into melted chocolate then quickly drag the chocolate slightly downward with a wooden toothpick. Get the recipe HERE. 

Even novice bakers can impress their guests with this shockingly easy dessert from restaurateur Elizabeth Blau. To make the webs, simply pipe 4 to 5 concentric circles on each brownie with white frosting then drag several lines with a wooden toothpick through the frosting, starting at smallest center circle. Get the recipe HERE.

“I love that you can take an ordinary jar and bring it to life!” says Duff Goldman of his mason jar dessert layered with pumpkin spice cake and vanilla buttercream. For added “flavors and textures,” the owner of Charm City Cakes suggests adding different orange-colored candies between the layers. Get the recipe HERE.

This boo-tiful dessert from chef Michelle Bernstein is completely customizable. Decorate around the ghosts with pretzels to satisfy a salty craving, add dried chilies for a spicy kick, or stick to all white and milk chocolate for those with an extra sweet tooth. Get the recipe HERE.

Tiffany MacIsaac of Buttercream Bakeshop makes her “hauntingly sweet treats” with a cream cheese and cherry jam filling and refrigerated piecrusts. Drape strips of the dough on top of the pies, crisscrossing as you go—but make sure to leave a gap near the top for the eyeball! Get the recipe HERE.

If you’re looking for something a little more ghoulish for your party, this is the dessert for you. Austin-based pastry chef Dennis Van‘s Red ‘Dead’ Velvet Cake is a blood-red cake covered in cream cheese and splattered with red food coloring. Get the recipe HERE.

Dorie Greenspan suggests piping her sweet meringue mixture back and forth to create mummies. To create ghosts instead, “pipe the meringue vertically using a circular motion to create little towers,” says the author of Dorie’s Cookies. “Don’t go higher than 2½ inches— the ghosts will topple over.” Get the recipe HERE.  

The mangled monster gets a cute makeover thanks to Nerdy Nummies creator, Rosanna Pansino. The YouTuber uses dark chocolate to create the hair and mouth and mini marshmallows cut in half for the eyes and neck bolts. Get the recipe HERE.

The executive pastry chef of Quality Eats in New York City, Cory Colton, colors his caramel to give the look of “poison” candy apples. The result is a dessert that’s crunchy on the outside and turns your whole mouth black! Get the recipe HERE.

The secret to mastering this “creepy-crawly dessert” from the owners of Georgetown Cupcake: a ziplock bag, a steady hand and a serious passion for chocolate fudge. Get the recipe HERE. 

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s scary snack is a fun (and stress-free!) way to spend an afternoon with the kids. Once you’ve got your dough together all you do is roll, twist and snip. Get the recipe HERE. 

Finally, a healthy Halloween party snack that is still sufficiently creepy: green apple wedges with strawberry tongues, sunflower seed teeth and a spread of peanut butter.

Crescent roll dough + hot dogs = super creepy Halloween magic.

Another savory mummified snack? These cheese-stuffed jalapeño poppers.

We can get behind any recipe that requires chocolate chip cookie dough – really, any excuse to eat dough excites us.

Who knew that marshmallows make very convincing ghosts?

Sometimes the best party snacks are the best activities, too – get everyone to craft their own marshmallow Frankenstein (that is, if they can resist eating all the ingredients first.)

This tasty, creamy dip is delicious all year round – though in, say, April, you may want to omit the tortilla chip gravestones.

If you still want to have a dip decorated with gravestones but are craving something sweeter than refried beans, whip up this gooey dessert dip that tastes exactly like chocolate cheesecake.

Cookie cutters are not just for cookie dough – use them to cut tortillas into spooky shapes, then dessert-ify them with cinnamon, sugar and butter.

Turns out, you can put candy googly eyes on just about anything.

If you’re scared of spiders, avert your eyes. The skinny chocolate spider legs on these easy-to-make cookies are surprisingly lifelike.

These crispy cookies bridge the gap between festively spooky and just plain creepy.

If you’ve only been using ice cream cones for ice cream your whole life, you’ve been making a huge mistake.

Eating a rich, skull-shaped cheese ball is technically a salad when you surround it with fresh crudité.

What party is complete without jello shots, which is both alcohol and a snack?

Once again: a sweet treat that will add Halloween spirit to any party…if you’re able to not eat all the ingredients when preparing.

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