But it’s likely you’ve received the same gift a few times, be it rulers, key rings, magic tricks or even a tiny tape measure.

They never really fill us with joy – until now.

You’ll be eager to get your hands on the prizes inside Pinkster’s crackers, which are filled with a mini bottle of pink gin and a little pot of gin jam.

The store is selling a pack of two for £20, meaning an individual cracker will set you back £10.

The website describes them as “just the thing for teatime tipples”, and will certainly spice up Christmas dinner.

  • The Pinkster Miniature Gift Set x2, Pinkster, £20 – Buy now

If you’ve got a horde coming round for food, then you can always splash out on their six piece box.

If you’re a lover of tradition, you’ll be pleased to hear these also contain jokes, fake book titles and party hats.

And if you love a bargain, selling for £47.50 these work out to £7.91 each.

  • The Pinkster Christmas Cracker X6, Pinkster, £47.50 – Buy now

If you want regular gin in your crackers, you’re in luck as you can now get boozy Christmas crackers that contain double shots of gin.

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