FIVE die-hard Disney fans will be paid $1,000 to watch 30 of their favourite movies or TV shows in 30 days.

If you know Donald Duck from Disney Princesses and Peter Pan from a pizza pan, then this may be the gig for you. will fund five of the "biggest, baddest Disney fans out there" to sit on the sofa and watch some of their favourite flicks.

There's no need to rub your magic genie lamp, wish upon a star or embark on a life-endangering quest to win this prize.

To go from zero to (Disney-loving) hero all you need to do is fill out a survey and submit a video explaining why you deserve to win.

30 Disney Hits You Could Watch

HERE are just a few of the suggested films and TV shows you could enjoy

  1. 101 Dalmatians
  2. Aladdin
  3. Boy Meets World
  4. Cars
  5. DuckTales
  6. Finding Nemo
  7. Frozen
  8. Hercules
  9. High School Musical
  10. The Incredibles
  11. Kim Possible
  12. Lilo and Stitch
  13. The Lion King
  14. The Little Mermaid
  15. Malcolm in the Middle
  16. The Mandalorian
  17. Moana
  18. Monsters University
  19. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
  20. Ratatouille
  21. Remember the Titans
  22. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
  23. The Simpsons
  24. Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  25. That’s So Raven
  26. Toy Story
  27. Up
  28. Wall-E
  29. The World According to Jeff Goldblum
  30. Zootopia

    The competition is part of the launch of the Disney+ streaming service set to be unveiled on November 12.

    It's expected to have over 7,000 TV episodes and 500 films for $7 a month.

    The winners with receive a grand, a one-year subscription to the service and a Disney lounge pack.

    The movie-kit will include some Mickey Mouse themed goodies, including a cozy blanket, four cups and a Pixar popcorn popper.

    All applicants must be 18 or older and either a US citizen or permanent resident.

    To apply click here.

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