So we can't think of anything more enchanting than waking up to a Harry Potter stocking on Christmas morning.

Happily, Primark is selling just that.

The retailer's stocking features a sweet drawing of Harry's owl Hedwig, who's gripping a Hogwarts acceptance letter in her beak.

She's surrounded by gold stars, as well as the words: "Waiting for my letter".

The piece is made out of a fluffy white material, creating the look of the creature's feathers.

While the stocking's design is undeniably adorable, we're even more enamoured by its price.

At just £6, it's a total steal – and we're not the only ones who think so.

When a snap of the festive buy was posted to Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK last week, shoppers couldn't hide their excitement.

The post has racked up over 270 likes, 488 comments and 94 shares, with one mum writing: "Got one for my Hedwig mad seven-year-old from Tottenham Court yesterday. She loves it."

Another message read: So cute I want one."

Who needs snow when you've got a snowy owl, eh?

If you're heading to Primark, you could also pick up a cute Frozen outfit for girls.

The retailer's new £12 tiger clutch bag is an amazing dupe of Kenzo's £105 designer offering.

And B&M is selling a child's bed canopy decorated in silver stars for just £9.99.

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